The levels of each round have a certain amount of coins and enemies. The enemies in Book 1 are usually chicken/dragons, the enemies in Book 2 are chicken/dragons and wolves, the enemies in Book 3 are usually cave trolls but sometimes there are chicken/dragons and wolves, and finally, the enemies in Book 4 are the dreaded Black Knight's soldiers.

Each round also has a card in a special place that is hidden and it takes the skilled eye to notice it. The cards mimic playing cards. The Cards in Book 1 are Heart Cards. The Cards in Book 2 are Spade Cards. The Cards in Book 3 are Diamond Cards. And finally the Cards of Book 4 are the Club Cards.

If a player gets all the coins and the card in a level, the level mark is an S.

If a player get all the coins in a level, the level mark is an A.

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